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How to care for your Australian wooden Chopping Board

If you are serious about your home cooking, then you probably want to get your hands on as many great tools as you possible can. Kitchenware and great knives won’t necessarily make you a great cook, but they certainly help make your preparation a whole lot easier. Good chefs will tell you that preparation is half the battle, which is why the equipment becomes so important. One element that often gets forgotten about are wooden cutting boards, but they are definitely an essential part of any kitchen.

Invest in cutting boards

When you invest in chopping boards made by Fab Slab Timber, you get a fully functional board, as well as a piece that looks great in your kitchen when it isn’t being used. Best of all, you get a truly unique piece that is made from timber undesirable in Australia. They look great, but your timber chopping boards will only maintain their good looks if you put in a little time and effort in their maintenance. Looking after your cutting board really isn’t that difficult, and there are a number of different oils that you can use to keep your timber board looking as good as the day you bought it. Let’s take a closer look at some of the oils that can help make this happen:

  • Linseed and walnut oil – If you regularly use your board for cutting, you will want to ensure that you maintain a high level of durability. Both of these options are described as polymerizing oils, which means that they harden when they dry. It can take a few coats of the oil to get the wood to darken and build up the durability, but once it happens, you’ll be left with a rugged cutting board that will be able to take a licking. You should avoid the walnut oil if you are planning on serving people with nut allergies.
  • Mineral Oil – One of the big bonuses of this option is that it is both odorless and colorless, which means that it will not affect the look of your board, and will also be totally safe for food use. Mineral oil is routinely used by the pros on wooden surfaces, and since it has a long shelf life, it’s also an incredibly affordable option.
  • Wax-based salves – These are essentially a hybrid between a wax and an oil, and they are particularly easy to use. They also have the benefit of being long lasting, and will protect your board better than many other options. If you regularly use your cutting board, you’ll need to apply these salves on a regular basis.

Take the time to look after you cutting board using these types of oils, and you will go a very long way towards extending its life. It’s certainly a much better option than having to have it sanded and/or refinished.

I was talking to my neighbour’s friend who bought a cutting board off us about 8 years ago. She was really impressed about how durable the board was and how good it looked after all these years