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  • Looking for a kitchen tool that is perfect to use for all occasions and can be an ideal gift? Fab Slabs chopping boards could be the best item to pick. Fab Slabs brings you a cutting edge chopping board that are made with high quality features that you will never find with other cutting boards on the market today.
  • This kitcheware can be an ideal gift for all occasions due to its unique features and functionality.

What makes Fab Slabs Australian Chopping Boards Unique?

Fab Slabs Australian cutting boards are made with a statement of style as well as quality. They are wooden camphor laurel cutting boards. Fab Slabs produce high quality timber cutting and chopping boards that are designed to be durable and stay in beautiful condition even after extended usage. They also produce serving boards and cheese boards that are made using this premium timbers.

Good cutting boards such as those produced by Fab Slabs are generally easy on knives, can be refinished to keep attactive and hygenic to all types of foods.

They are constructed with elegant look and have a smooth surface that is very ideal for easy food preparation. They are also very durable making them last for a long time. Our neighbour has used hers for 6 years.

The company adheres to environmental freindly production of their kitchenware by being involved in planting, caring of native trees and other re-vegetation projects. They are also an active member of Land for Wildlife. The materials they use for making cutting boards and chopping boards came from slavaged Camphor Laurel logs instead of native trees. These salvaged materials are then milled, dried and turned into solid timber slab cheese boards and cutting boards that are designed with style. Camphor Laurels are generally recognised as an alien species in Australia. There are control programs that advocate their removal and replacement with native trees. Instead of letting the logs of this ethnically accepted timber be dumped, chipped or burnt, Fab Slabs make use of it to be their chopping boards' material.

Fab Slabs cutting boards are the unique work of arts from an environmentally consious business. The cutting boards produced by the company create the most ideal surface for food preparation. They can also be used for an impressive presentation piece for cheese and other selection of delicious appetisers. They are suitable for your everday use ans are the perfect kitchen chopping board; essential for presenting and preparing food.

Fab Slabs cutting and chopping boards are 100% Australian made that is perfect for dicing, cutting, chopping and slicing ingredients and all types of food.

Each of the chopping boards they produce comes with unique grain, colour and character which make it also an ideal gift for any type of occasions. Fab Slabs also deliver bulk orders to cafes, butchers, restaurants, fruit and vegetable outlets as well as gourmet delis. Investing in such kitchenware is not only beneficial to your everyday needs but also your valuable contribution to the economy and environment.

I was talking to my neighbour’s friend who bought a cutting board off us about 8 years ago. She was really impressed about how durable the board was and how good it looked after all these years


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