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Chopping Boards Wholesale Australia

The average household kitchen requires just one of each item, save for cutting boards, which may be required in different sizes or for different tasks (meat, poultry, veggies, etc.). Premium wood cutting boards do not come cheap, but given their durability, not to mention how great they look in any kitchen, it’s a price that is definitely worth paying. That’s all well and good for the average household, but what about café’s. markets, restaurants, and other such businesses that need to buy their cutting boards in bulk? Where do they go to shop? More...

Chopping Boards Wooden or Plastic

There are some kitchen tools, such as a sharp chef knife, that are considered to be an absolute must in any kitchen, and there are others that are almost used as an afterthought, but which should be on the must-have list.

The humble chopping board is the perfect example of just such a tool, but even those home cooks who know the importance of the cutting board will often make poor choices when buying one for their kitchen. There are all different kinds of boards out there, made from a wide variety of different materials, but the only one you should have in your kitchen is a wooden cutting board. More - Chopping Boards Wooden or Plastic

Wooden cutting boards made in Australia

A little bit of wood can go a long way in the baker’s kitchen, and it all begins with a nice wooden cutting board made from trees that are native to your country. These totally unique, one of a kind pieces that are made in Australia to exacting standards. They are also something that will look great in your kitchen when they are not being used to make delicious baked goods. If you want a functional tool that can also serve as a real talking piece, you might consider going all out with a wooden rolling pin. More...

How to care for your Australian wooden Chopping Board

If you are serious about your home cooking, then you probably want to get your hands on as many great tools as you possible can. Kitchenware and great knives won’t necessarily make you a great cook, but they certainly help make your preparation a whole lot easier. Good chefs will tell you that preparation is half the battle, which is why the equipment becomes so important. One element that often gets forgotten about are wooden cutting boards, but they are definitely an essential part of any kitchen. More...

Pilliga Cutting Boards in Korea

  • 100% Grown, milled and made in Australia
  • Naturally anti-bacterial Handcrafted
  • Unique shape and unique colour
  • More...

Use of Camphor Laurel Timber for Timber Produce in Queensland

To: Mr Paul Russell | Fab Slabs Timber |

Dear Paul,


I am writing to confirm that the camphor laurel species is a Declared Envrionmental Weed Class 3 in Queensland More...

Cutting boards are made from one single slab of kiln dried timber

As co owner of Fab Slabs Timber I can verify all Fab Slabs Camphor Laurel cutting boards are made from one single slab of kiln dried Camphor Laurel. Fab Slabs does not use multiple pieces of timber laminated together to make cutting boards. More...

Why wooden cutting boards?

We sometimes have a site at shows to promote our Fab Slabs wood cutting boards. It’s great to meet new people and tell them about our environmentally friendly, permanently antibacterial, 100% Australian Made cutting boards. A large percentage of the people we talk to have bought boards from us in previous years and have come back to buy presents for their friends and relatives. Here are a few reasons why people buy them year after year. More...



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