Cutting Boards from Fab Slabs

Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards

Our individually handcrafted timber cutting boards are unique in colour, grain and character and make a wonderful gift for all occasions. We also do bulk orders of cutting boards for restaurants, cafes, gourmet delis, butchers and fruit and veg outlets. If you would like to become a retail stockist contact us for wholesale prices.

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Wooden Chopping Boards

Wood cutting board

Wooden cutting boards have the advantage of time. Cooks have been preparing food on wooden boards or countertops for centuries with few problems.

Grazing Platter boards

You may know them as Grazing Platters, Wood Serving Plates or Grazing Paddles. The grazing platters are great for food presentation, preparation and protecting your table

Cutting board grain

Slab timber with tight grain and small pores is best for wooden cutting boards. Good hardness and tight grain helps reduce scoring of the cutting surface.

Irregular cutting boards

Regardless of the material, regular maintenance of a cutting board is important. Wash up in warm soapy water. Oil with edible oil whenever it is dry.

Cutting Boards

Large cheese board

Wood cutting boards have some advantages over plastic in that it is somewhat self healing; shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own.

Long cutting boards

Camphor Laurel's tight grains and natural coloration make it a highly attractive cutting board material, both for aesthetic and durability purposes.

Medium cutting board

Wood cutting boards may be cared-for with grape seed oil.
Oil with edible oil whenever it is looking dry.

Solid wood chopping boards

Chopping boards come in lots of different sizes.
These boards may be personalised with your company name.

Cheese Boards & Bread Boards

Small cutting boards

Wood cutting boards should never be placed in the dishwasher, or left immersed for long periods.

Wood grain cutting board

A light food grade grape seed oil is a good preservative for wooden cutting and chopping boards.

Chopping Boards Fab Slabs

Chopping boards should be treated when they start looking dry. A standard recommendation is 5-7 times a year.

Durable bread boards

Bread boards made from solid wood may be used for many years and still look good.