Wooden Cutting Boards and Chopping Boards

Wooden cutting boards

Good looking kitchen equipment

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an amateur chef, chances are you have a chopping board or two among your kitchen accessories. The thing with kitchen equipment is that it is often used for aesthetic purposes as well as functional, which is why wooden chopping boards have always been in pretty high demand.

With that in mind, the move is on to have a truly unique looking item that will take pride of place on the kitchen counter. If you are looking for a truly dramatic looking piece, yet still want something that does the job perfectly, you need look no further than camphor laurel.

Worldwide wooden cutting boards

What was once restricted to essentially being Sunshine Coast chopping boards has now become a worldwide phenomenon, as people as far afield as the USA and Asia clamor to get their hands on an incredible looking piece of kitchen equipment. There are plenty of different places to get your wooden chopping boards, but perhaps none as good as what you get at Fab Slabs, and that is because they have a commitment to protecting the environment, as well as delivering a fantastic product.

100% Australian made chopping boards

All of the chopping boards produced by Fab Slabs are 100% Australian made, but the trees that they use to create these pieces come from a variety of different sources. Fab Slabs make sure that any trees that they use are replaced by native plants, so that the environment is not stripped bare for solely aesthetic reasons. They will also use trees that have to be removed for a variety of different reasons. These particular trees would end up simply being burned, but Fab Slabs work with arborists in the Sunshine Coast area to make sure that damaged or overgrown trees are put to much better use.
  • 100% Australian made
  • Using damaged or overgrown trees

Camphor Laurel

The reason that laurel camphor cutting boards have become so popular is down in art to the fact that they are so unique. No two chopping boards made by Fab Slabs are the same, which means you are getting a one of a kind piece when you buy. The shape, color, and grain of the board that you buy is unlike any other out there, which means you will have a piece in your kitchen that instantly creates that wow factor that so many people are looking for. That said, it’s not just good looks that draw people to camphor laurel.

Non-bacterial, hygienic & easy to clean

Camphor laurel is a type of wood that is totally non-bacterial, which means that you can pretty much go ahead and cut any type of food that you want on your chopping board. It is hygienic, easy to clean, and an absolute joy to work with. Fab Slabs are definitely the people to talk to if you want to add a little piece of Australia to your home. They currently ship their chopping boards domestically, as well as to locations in the United States and Asia. This is an environmentally friendly option that will give you all kinds of peace of mind when you buy.

Our wooden cutting boards or chopping boards are milled, kiln dried and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, about 1 hour north of Brisbane. Choose from wood chopping boards suited to the home kitchen, to cheese platters to restaurant and catering serving boards. We also supply Boutique Cafés with presentation style sandwich boards.


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